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Our Mission

Our goal is to make EL technology an art form, a thing of beauty, and break into the social norm.

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Custom Circuitry

Have a lighting project in mind and don't know where to start? Let our lighting experts help you take your concept to reality.

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The Watchdog is invented by a friend of ours, and we would love to see this technology grow.

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Many times, we're asked "what is the brightness of EL Wire?" It's a tough question to answer due


So who are we?

Now the spotlight finally turns to the men and women behind the curtains, here you will
find out all the information about us, including how we began.

Ellumiglow started with one thing in mind. To bring to light a technology that deserves to be seen. 

As we continue our journey to make Electroluminescent technology to become a brand name like LED's, Neon, and more, we are having a whole lot of fun in the meantime. Our brains are always working on the next project, and we pride ourselves on not being your typical company. 

Our customers are our biggest reason we keep going. As there are so many creative projects that yurn for this technology, it makes our jobs so much more rewarding. Thank you for helping our company grow, thrive and for helping us love what we do.