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Laser Wire - Longboard Demo

If you haven't heard of Laser Wire by Fibrance, then you are missing out! This new technology is the best new thing in accent lighting. It's bright and even illumination makes it great for all sorts of applications. From wearables to safety, make your product stand out in the coolest way imaginable.

Jun 30, 15

EL Panel Mega Series Inverters

Our new MEGA EL Panel line of Inverters is the most powerful, compact and stylish series of EL Inverters on the market today. With a product for every application in mind, our MEGA series will power up to 1000sqin in a small compact form, while operating nearly silently. This video shows the MEGA series and the advantages of each inverter.

Mar 13, 15

The Watchdog is invented by a friend of ours, and we would love to see this technology grow. It's a super strong cable that also glows! We've done some demo's in our office with the product and people love it! EL Cable has similar properties to EL Wire, but without the fragile angel hair wires. It's great for architectural purposes, events, dog leashes and more.

Nov 04, 14

Many times, we're asked "what is the brightness of EL Wire?" It's a tough question to answer due to the number of variables, and how it's measured. Typically "Lux" or "Candela Per Meter Squared" (cd/m2) is the appropriate measuring brightness levels, but an easy answer is EL Wire glows a beautiful glow in dark environments.

Sep 16, 14

Back by popular demand, below is our annual Burning Man 2014 Pack list. This year has been hot, dry, and unpredictable, to say the least. Having a little of everything this year is imperative to a successful and happy burn. Last year was hot. The whole week, and even at night, I'm not sure it dipped below 60. This year, looks to shape up fairly similar.

Jul 28, 14

No matter who you are, you have to appreciate the integrity of Tesla motors this week. In a blog post on Tesla's website, CEO Elon Musk announced that he is allowing any car manufacturer, hobbyist or business owner to use their patents to further develop the Electric Car.

Jun 17, 14
0 comments recently teamed up with Fry's Electronics to bring a massive Electroluminescent product selection to your local retail Fry's store. Now if you're really in need of some glow TODAY, you can pick up down the street instead of waiting for the mailman to show up with the most awaited package of the year!

Jun 04, 14

If you want an insightful article on real life changing of the guards from hip-hop to EDM, here's a great one from our friends at This article is in response to what happened this past weekend at Coachella, in Indio, CA (near Palm Springs).

Apr 14, 14