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Back by popular demand, below is our annual Burning Man 2014 Pack list. This year has been hot, dry, and unpredictable, to say the least. Having a little of everything this year is imperative to a successful and happy burn. Last year was hot. The whole week, and even at night, I'm not sure it dipped below 60. This year, looks to shape up fairly similar. You may consider replacing a long fur coat for something that you can wear, even if it's 60-70 at night.


If you are a Playa Virgin…
o It is extremely HOT during daylight hours: and it gets COLD at night (Maybe not that cold this year.... Maybe)
o You want to wear as little as possible during the day and a big fur coat with boots at night
o There ain’t nothin' out where we’re going – nothin'. Only items sold are coffee, ice, and lemonade.
o DUST gets everywhere!! Don’t bring anything that you don’t want permanently covered in playa dust
o There is no such thing as over-the-top - the more, the bigger, the gaudier, the better! Go nuts and wear the craziest things you can conjure up in your mind. If it can be decorated, then decorate it!!!
o If you think you’re too shy to wear something or do something there, wait 2 days and think again…you’ll stop giving a S***!

Packing List

o Toilet paper - the port-a-potties always run out
o Lots of lotion or you go home with cracked feet and hands
o Moisturizing eye drops
o 1.5 gallons of water per day per person minimum (this is just for showering, drinking, cooking, etc.)
o Flash lights/headlamps/lanterns (for the campsite, your bike, etc.)
o EL wire or EL Tape: you can wear it on anything and it’s also great for pimping out your bike at night, It looks cool and saves you from getting run over by the Praying Mantis art car out on the play at night. That happened last year. But in his defense, my bike had a 12' tall Jellyfish strapped to the back.
o Dust masks (disposable from Home Depot work) and goggles for dust storms. Some people have full-on gas masks. Bandanas also work great.
o Baby wipes – you can’t have too many
o Hand sanitizer
o First aid kit

o Rubbermaid/plastic containers: you can pack and keep everything from the dust in these. We have 2 that are the size of trunks
o Bring your trade item –your money has no value on the playa (except to buy ice or a cup of coffee or lemonade) You can exchange your trade item for all sorts of stuff…cool blinky things, sexual favors, drugs, hugs, food or whatever your little heart desires. Some trade items I’ve seen:
o Condoms
o Candy
o Plastic jewelry
o Face or body pain art
o Food / Drinks
o Trash bags – anything you bring in, you have to haul back out
o Bungee cords – good for all sorts of stuff
o Folding beach chairs and tables
o Tool box/kit
o Rebar (mallet)
o Car a/c adaptors to charge iPods, cameras, Aero Bed inflator or whatever
o Duct tape
o Rechargeable batteries and battery charger for all your light-up stuff
o Walkie talkies
o Binoculars

o Cool stuff to decorate your playa camp
o LED Strips - RGB are nice so you can set the mood
o Xmas lights
o Tiki torches, lanterns, solar-powered garden lighting, etc.
o Outdoor carpet or turf or even an old used rug is nice to keep the dust down at your site or in your yurt
o Power source - generator

o Shower bag
o Towel(s)
o Liquid body soap
o Shampoo, conditioner (or else you’ll have nappy hair) - I usually have dreads in about 2 days. Had to cut some hair out the first year.
o Car port tent and tarps to extend out

o We never eat as much as we bring…you always end up taking food home or throwing it away so don’t over pack.
o You mostly want healthy, easy food that gives you energy and doesn’t require a ton of prep
o We usually have family-style dinners a couple nights and for the other’s we will fend for ourselves or be invited to other camps for dinner…
o Folding card table or other cooking surface
o Cooler(s)
o Mini Fridge
o Grill and camping stove or burner
o Propane
o Pots/pans
o Paper towels
o Antibacterial surface cleaner
o Scour sponge
o Dish soap
o Dish washing bucket/tub
o Lots of zip lock bags and disposable tupperware
o Reusable plastic plates, cups bowls, and utensils (disposable ends up creating more trash to haul out)
o Dry seasonings – salt, pepper, garlic salt, oregano anything you plan to cook with
o Condiments – mayo, mustard, sirache, ketchup, etc.
o Pam cooking spray
o Sharp knife and cutting board
o French coffee press or just bring canned iced coffees

Staying Cool:
o Shade structure(s)/tents (also bring rebar and a hammer/mallet)
o Huge bucket (you can drain cooler water into this in the mornings and dip your feet in to cool off)
o Water sprayer bottles
o Home Depot garden (for pesticide) mister tank with sprayer
o A/C unit and generator
o Big Orange extension cords
o Umbrella for your bike during the day

o Blow-up mattress, memory foam bed topper,etc.
o Good blanket(s), sleeping bags for cold nights
o Earplugs to block out the noise
o Drape whatever you’re sleeping in with tarps or something so the light doesn’t come in in the morning…you will prob go to bed around 7 or 8 am and sleep through part of the day

o I-pod and dock station
o Old stereo and car sub

o Face paint and make-up
o Fake eyelashes
o Bindi stickers (for body and face)
o Glitter
o Body paint
o EL wire, EL Tape and anything that glows. Don't be a dark wad (it sounds kind of cool, but you don't want to be called one)
o Wigs
o Hats
o At night you’ll want a coat –big gaudy fake fur coats are the best
o Good Will stuff
o Platform boots
o Old Halloween costumes
o Glasses

Getting Around:
o You MUST have a bike – just bring an old one and pimp your ride
o Bike basket is nice to have

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