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EL Cable is a super Strong Cable that lights up

Ellumiglow.com (JB Online, LLC), the leading resource for Electroluminescence products, has recently teamed with Lumiflex Corporation to create a new safety cable that can be seen at night. Using a new type of patented EL technology, its core is determined only by imagination. Whether its fiber optic, galvanized steel, CAT5 or more, this new technology will revolutionize the way cable is seen.

Electroluminescence is a phosphor based lighting solution that uses a high frequency rather than a heavy voltage like other lighting products. This makes it the world’s only “No Heat” lighting technology and is more efficient per linear foot than even LED’s. It works by an alternating frequency which excites the phosphor particles inside and makes them glow. Because it’s not using any heat, it is perfectly safe to the touch, and the light can be seen through heavy smoke or fog, which makes it perfect for Fire Departments, police lines, or architectural elements where the cable needs to be seen.
EL Cable is a patented innovative rugged illuminated cable for recue professionals, which operates on the same principal of Electroluminescence, only the inside has a strength member. This makes a cable capable of holding far more weight than any lighting source in the world. Current technology uses a 480lb test galvanized cable as its internal strength member, however cables capable of many thousands of pounds can be used in its place for extremely strong illuminated cables. EL Cable has already been tested by the FDNY at Fort Totten, and is perfect for Fire, Military, Police and All Rescue professionals. EL Cable is extremely flexible and can be spooled, wrapped around corners or stairs, can be stepped on, and is heat resistant up to 385°F.
Other uses of EL Cable can include data or signal transmission. By running different wires through the internal structure, the EL Cable can be used with Fiber Optic, CAT5, DMX and more. The possibilities of EL Cable are virtually endless. EL Cable is proudly made in the USA and more information can be found by calling 877-615-6556 or emailing info@ellumiglow.com.
Ellumiglow.com (JB Online, LLC) is the largest purveyor of fine Electroluminescent products and unique nightclub lighting elements, such as lasers, LED Furniture and more. More information can be found at http://www.ellumiglow.com

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