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Many times, we're asked "what is the brightness of EL Wire?" It's a tough question to answer due to the number of variables, and how it's measured. Typically "Lux" or "Candela Per Meter Squared" (cd/m2) is the appropriate measuring brightness levels, but an easy answer is EL Wire glows a beautiful glow in dark environments. In well lit rooms, like retail stores or shopping malls, the wire is a bit less impressive, and will appear quite dim. We've gone ahead and measured the various colors of EL Wire, and laid it out in an easy to read format so you can see what the brightest bang for your buck is. We've also tested our newest inverter, the MEGA100, in which we dub, "The Best EL Wire Inverter On The Planet", because of the robust features it has, safety elements built in, and sleek case that it comes in. Not to mention, it takes a fraction of the power of similarly powered devices, and doesn't make a peep. Take a look below for a handy chart on the brightness levels of Electric Optics EL Wire.

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