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Elastolite Orange Series Inverter

This is an extensive guide for ELastoLite® Panels, including how to connect, use and attach to various surfaces. Use the links below to help guide you in the direction you need to go.

What is ELastoLite®?

ELastoLite® is a fantastic new product that's perfect for E-textiles and wearable electronics that demands to be seen. It's extreme flexibility and waterproof properties make it perfect to be worn, bent, and used in practical applications where light was previously unheard of. Being an active light source means that no external lighting is needed to make this product glow like you wouldn't believe. The addition of a complete accessory package make this product able to be integrated into virtually anything. It's thin, and more flexible than even a sheet of paper (think about that)! All of the circuitry is contained in iron-on adhesives which make the wiring virtually undetectible. This keeps it from getting tugged, pulled or yanked out of position as it becomes one with the fabric.

How Do I Purchase ELastoLite® Products?

You can purchase ELastoLite® products directly through Ellumiglow.com, however we recommend you read the following guide first. There are many parts to ensuring that ELastoLite® products work as expected and we want to make sure every customer gets what they intended. 

ELastoLite® Buying Guide

How Do I Connect ELastoLite®?

This is not as much as an FAQ as a whole write-up, which we've gone ahead and done. Please see below for an extensive look on the process. As it's not very straightforward, so having this guide next to you once you've purchased your ELastoLite® products is a good idea.

How To Connect ELastoLite®

Is ELastoLite® the same material in the Movie, Tron Legacy?

Yes, and No. In the movie, Tron Legacy, the first generation of ELastoLite® products is used. The technology has come leaps and bounds even since that movie and over the years you can expect to see this technology in everything from baseball caps to shoes, and all the body parts in between. Since the movie, the technology has gotten about 80% thinner, exponentially more flexible, and somehow managed to get more machine washable. 

Is ELastoLite® the same as EL Panels?

Again, we are going to have to and yes, and a big NO. ELastoLite® is a unique type of EL Panel, but comparing it to a typical EL Panel is like comparing LED's to a 60W lightbulb. There are so many advantages to ELastoLite® over EL Panels that we can't list them all on our website. Are EL Panels still good for some applications? Sure, but in the wearable market, it's ELastoLite® or nothing.

Can I ELastoLite® Panels?

No, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES CUT YOUR ELASTOLITE PANELS. While we can custom make ELastoLite® for corporate customers, we do not recommending cutting this material. If you are creative with your overlays, you can create wonderfully complex patterns, full color logos and more without ever having to cut these panels. If you do cut them, they may cease to function, they will no longer be waterproof and you can expect dark spots throughout your panel.

What is ELastoLite® good for?

ELastoLite® is amazing for nearly any textile. Cotton, Polyester, rubber, and more are perfect mediums for ELastoLite®. This opens the door for millions of applications and we are just scratching the surface of this technology. If you have an idea that you would like to discuss with us, we'd love to help bring your idea to life.

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