Free X-Laser Upgrade Program for Spring 2014

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X-laser Green 250mW

X-laser, a purveyor of fine Club and DJ Laser products announced today that it will be upgrading and replacing certain laser products. This upgrade is part of a continued effort to help make the X-laser name a continued favorite among Club retailers, and users. See below to see if you qualify for the program.

March 20, 2014

X-Laser USA
To all of our valued clients,
In mid-2009, X-Laser entered into a business relationship with Laserworld AG of
Switzerland as a manufacturing partner and distributor. Laserworld USA LLC was formed and XLaser
began to integrate Laserworld chassis, components and systems with X-Laser’s product
line and manufacturing procedures. As many of you know, X-Laser and Laserworld even
exhibited together late in 2009 at LDI unveiling a product line called “Nocturne” which was
largely based upon technologies and systems developed by the Laserworld group of
companies. The relationship was terminated in the middle of 2010. 
In September of 2013, The United States Food and Drug Administration issued a Class
2 recall of all Laserworld projectors distributed over a four year period. Details of the recall can
be found by searching the FDA database for Z-1538-2013 or using this link: http://
laser products, including but not limited to: Revolution Series, RTI PIKO, RTI NANO, Pure Light,
and Club Series products.
The recall states that Laserworld products covered by the recall, may have an
incomplete “Performance Feature set” which is a term of art used by FDA to describe the
requirements of Federal laser safety standards required by 21 CFR 1040.10, potential lack of
warnings and notifications, and incomplete User Information. 
As many of you know, X-Laser does not utilize a sampling program for our compliance
and quality control. Every single laser we have ever produced passes through a robust
standardized procedure to ensure full compliance with FDA safety standards. Accordingly we
are quite certain that any X-Laser branded product which was manufactured with Laserworld
components was, and is, able to be used safely and in compliance with Federal regulatory
standards. No matter what hardware is used to compose a projector, once it is certified as an XLaser,
we stand behind it.
After being made aware of the recall from a customer, X-Laser solicited guidance from
the FDA about the compliance status of derivative products, or those which utilized OEM
Laserworld components. We have not received a reply from FDA.! !!
Not waiting for the FDA, X-Laser is announcing today that we are offering a free upgrade
program for any laser systems which use Laserworld components or chassis. A recall often
allows for equipment to be repaired to bring it into compliance with safety standards. Because
we do not believe that there is anything actually wrong with these X-Laser projectors, there is
nothing to repair. We simply want to go above and beyond so that all of our users can have
complete confidence in their gear. 
All Nocturne lasers and other X-Laser branded models with a manufacturing date
between August 2009 and May 2010 which use Laserworld components and are currently
functional will be fully replaced with current technology, for free. Period. 
Any lasers purchased during the four year period of the recall and bearing Laserworld,
RTI (PIKO, NANO, etc.), Swisslas or similar branding should be directed to Jeff Cornell, the
Laserworld USA recall coordinator specified in the recall notice.
To be clear, X-Laser products are not included in this, or any other recall. However, as
with any recall of this nature, it may be expanded in the future by the FDA. X-Laser maintains
full confidence in the lasers we have produced and are taking this action proactively to remove
these products from the marketplace ensuring excellent continued operation for our clients. ! !!
We make no comment, nor should any comment be inferred, regarding the compliance
status of current Laserworld products. 
X-Laser is committed to the safety of our products and to maintaining compliance with
the most robust safety standards in the world which are law here in the United States. We also
know that our lasers are being used every day in important show applications and we will make
our best efforts to make the upgrade process as rapid and convenient as possible. ! !!
When we say that we stand behind the things we make, we mean it. 
To take advantage of this free upgrade program, please contact John Weigle at X-Laser
301-543-1981 x111 to determine your unit’s eligibility. Upon confirmation of eligibility and receipt
of a functional, qualifying projector, a replacement laser with similar specifications and current
technology will be sent to you at our expense.
We deeply value your business, support and loyalty over the years and look forward to
strong continued relationships in the years to come. 
Best Regards,
Your X-Laser Team
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