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Space is awesome. But what's more awesome is NASA chose to take a whole new approach to space suit design. Yup, you guessed it, NASA's going clubbin'! Well, not really, but we're happy to announce NASA has decided to use Electroluminescent materials into the design of their space suits! These conceptual images show NASA's intent and you have just under 30 days to vote for your favorites. By November 2014, NASA expects to have a working prototype of our favorite suit. There are 3 suit designs that you get to vote on, drawing inspiration from our Earth and cultural background.

"Biomimicry" takes its inspiration from the depths of the sea and the suit mimics qualities of ocean life. The EL Wire across the chest draws inspiration from the scaly skin of fish and reptiles.
"Technology" draws inspiration from our achievements and subtle futuristic elements. This design uses EL Tape for the chest and back, and EL Wire for the sides and arms to provide a futuristic Tron-like appearance.
"Trends in Society" mimics today's society of fancy light-up clothing and gives us a possible glimpse of clothing in the future. This design uses lots of EL Wire to accentuate the style of the human body and throws a bright color to show us the possible sportswear of tomorrow.

But why would NASA choose Ellumiglow (EL) Tape and Wire? Electroluminescent materials have the widest range of light operation out of any light source we currently use today. Its extreme operating temperatures make EL materials the perfect choice in space, and also doesn't affect the space-man's night vision. Electroluminescent materials are easy on the eyes, and don't cause sun-spots even when looking directly at it. The technology also allows for full mobility, and others to see the suit up to miles away. What's more, because EL Technology is the world's only "no-heat" lighting technology, it is perfectly safe to have on or next to the skin/suit without running the risk of burning. Oh, did we mention it's also waterproof?

Click on the link below if you want your chance to vote on a piece of Space history.

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