What is EL Wire?

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EL Wire, otherwise known as Electroluminescent Wire, is a thin copper wire with the element of Phosphor powder coated onto it. The outer sheathing is a plastic coating which keeps it water and dust resistant. When a high frequency is applied to EL Wire, it glows a magnificent glow which is easy on the eyes. EL Wire is thin and flexible, so it's able to bend, knot and shape into nearly any application. This makes it great for costumes, dances, stage performances and art installations. It's currently the world's most energy efficient lighting source per linear foot, and is even more efficient than LED's. Sure, it's not as bright, but for the right application, EL Wire is perfect!

How do you get a frequency applied? Specialized inverters take a normal voltage either through batteries or a wall plug and turns it into a high frequency.

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Daft Punk in their original orange costumes used EL Wire, but for their new helmets, they've gone to LED and OLED displays. The climate controlled helmets they wear don't actually have a window to see from, what they see is actually projected onto a tiny screen in front of their face.