EL Tape

EL Tape, is also referred to as an EL Panel is a flat lighting element which lights up when a high frequency is applied. It's perfect for costuming, safety lighting and stage performances. Click here for more information on EL Tape.

The Difference Between Split and Parallel EL Tape

As of late, people seem to be getting quite confused about the differences between parallel EL panels and split EL tape. These technologies may look quite similar, but they have a number of key differences that can make things a little bit confusing. We have been getting so many inquiries, I've decided to just create an all-inclusive EL PANEL GUIDE! So here we go!


Cutting EL Tape

Cutting EL Tape, EL Panels or even ELastoLiteĀ® is often a confusing and stressful process, made all the more so by the lack of reliable information available on the subject. So we are putting together the Ultimate EL Tape cutting guide with everything we know about the subject through our experience with the product. For a step by step video, click see our new video below!