ELastoLite Buyers Guide

So now you have a good grasp on what ELastolite® is and why you want it. Now let's talk about what you need to get started. Like we've mentioned in previous posts, if you've worked with EL Tape or EL Panels in the past, it will give you an idea of how the technology should work, but it's a much different application process. If you've never worked with ELastoLite®, you are a blank slate and have no habits to break!

ELastoLite Panels:
Each panel has a bit different characteristics, but it's easier to just get started and play with it to see the differences. When measuring your illumination needs, be sure to check in the specs on each panel for the lit illumination (in sqin). This will make sure you select the appropriate inverter for your specific project. Add up the total sqin for your project before moving any further.

Battery Pack or Inverter:
Elastolite has 2 main Battery Packs, the Green Series and the Orange Series. The Orange Series Battery Pack is rated from 0-8sqin, and the Green Series is rated from 8-20sqin. Currently there are no larger packs, so if you need more illumination, you have to purchase a separate battery pack. Because Elastolite runs at a different frequency than typical EL Panels, we don't recommend using any Electric Optics Battery Packs for Elastolite. While it still will illuminate and glow with our Battery Packs, proper testing has not been done to ensure the panels will not burn out prematurely.

Once you know which Battery Pack (or Packs) to go with, make sure you pick up the corresponding connectors. For instance, if you select the Green Series Battery Packs, select the Green Series Connectors. The Orange Series Connectors are a different size and will not fit into the Green Series packs, and vice versa.

The Elastolite accessories are just as important as selecting a battery pack. This will ensure your clothes remain machine washable, and it keeps all the connection areas water tight. The natural flow for Elastolite products are as follows:

Battery Pack plugs to Connector. Connector attaches to Straight Connector (or T Connector - Read below for more info). Straight Connector attaches to Circuit Tape and Circuit Tape attaches to Elastolite panel. Lastly a Connector Patch ensures the Circuit Tape and Elastolite panel do not separate.

Straight Connector: The straight connector pack is important for most connections. This allows you to connect a Green or Orange Series Connector to the Circuit Tape. Use this when running panels in series, or if you only intend to illuminate a single panel.

T-Connector: T-Connectors are when you plan on running multiple panels in parallel, right from the battery pack. These are nice when you have your panels symmetrical on the body.

Circuit Tape: You can't have too much of this. It's great for any costume or clothing applications. It irons right into the fabric and creates a strong bond.

Connector Patch: Having a few extra of these will be handy. The Elastolite panels are a little finicky at first, so you may go through some of these before you get the hang of it. This will be important to have the circuit tape connect to the Elastolite panel. If the panel has two spots for wiring, make sure to add a Connector Patch to the opposite side, or it will shock you.

Hopefully you found this guide helpful. Should you require assistance in selecting the proper items for your Elastolite needs, simply email us or call 877-615-6556

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