The technologies outlined in the document are referred to as EL Wire (Electroluminescent), POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) and Fibrance™.

Laser Wire is a unique lighting source that doesn't seem possible. It uses a laser (as you would probably guess) that shines down a narrow optical glass to produce a brilliant light that is out of this world.

Can Laser Wire be cut?
Yes! Laser Wire can be cut. Make sure to dispose of any scrap material, as the core structure is a fine optical glass which can irritate the skin.

This helpful FAQ is a list of common questions customers have when their EL Wire, EL Tape or EL Panels stop working. Please read through the guide to help you better understand the technology and common troubleshooting techniques. Read below for more information.

So your EL Wire isn’t illuminating for some reason? No problem at all, this troubleshooting guide should get you glowing in no time.

As of late, people seem to be getting quite confused about the differences between parallel EL panels and split EL tape. These technologies may look quite similar, but they have a number of key differences that can make things a little bit confusing. We have been getting so many inquiries, I've decided to just create an all-inclusive EL PANEL GUIDE! So here we go!


Cutting EL Tape, EL Panels or even ELastoLite® is often a confusing and stressful process, made all the more so by the lack of reliable information available on the subject. So we are putting together the Ultimate EL Tape cutting guide with everything we know about the subject through our experience with the product. For a step by step video, click see our new video below!

If you are new to EL Wire, you are probably noticing that there are a lot of different choices when it comes to drivers and inverters. If you are asking yourself, "what is a driver or inverter anyway?", then keep reading below.

EL Panel (AKA Electroluminescent Panel), is a flat panel which lights up when an high frequency is applied. It makes a great backlighting effect, thin light up poster, and more. Today, we are seeing EL Panels in many applications; from backlighting of automobile instruments, to billboards. EL Panels are extremely energy efficient and have a long lifetime. A typical EL Panel will last around 10,000 hours and can have lifespans up to 40,000 hours, depending on the necessary brightness.

So now you have a good grasp on what ELastolite® is and why you want it. Now let's talk about what you need to get started. Like we've mentioned in previous posts, if you've worked with EL Tape or EL Panels in the past, it will give you an idea of how the technology should work, but it's a much different application process. If you've never worked with ELastoLite®, you are a blank slate and have no habits to break!