EL Cable

EL Cable is a newcomer to the Electroluminescent field. With a super strong membrane at its core, even the strongest applications can now have light. Read more to find out about EL Cable.

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The Watchdog - An EL Cable Kickstarter Opportunity

The Watchdog
el cable up close

The Watchdog is invented by a friend of ours, and we would love to see this technology grow. It's a super strong cable that also glows! We've done some demo's in our office with the product and people love it! EL Cable has similar properties to EL Wire, but without the fragile angel hair wires. It's great for architectural purposes, events, dog leashes and more. The possibilities are nearly endless. Help us in bringing this great technology to market.

For more information, visit their Kickstarter page here: http://kck.st/11feDo8

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EL Cable - The Light Of The Future

EL Cable is a super Strong Cable that lights up

Ellumiglow.com (JB Online, LLC), the leading resource for Electroluminescence products, has recently teamed with Lumiflex Corporation to create a new safety cable that can be seen at night. Using a new type of patented EL technology, its core is determined only by imagination. Whether its fiber optic, galvanized steel, CAT5 or more, this new technology will revolutionize the way cable is seen.