ELastoLite® is a fantastic new product in the EL market that exemplifies the user. It's thin, flexible and totally cool. Read more to find out all the various applications of Elastolite Panels.

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How To Connect ELastoLite

Daft Punk Elastolite

If you're reading this article, there's a good chance you've already purchased your ELastoLite® products and looking to incorporate it into something awesome. Take a moment to read this guide, so it will enhance your chances for success, and lower your stress level. Before we begin, make sure you have enough Straight (or T) Connectors, as well as Circuit Tape and Connector Patches. At first, you may end up going through a few of these, so we want to make sure you have enough to mess up a couple times, and not ruin your mojo.

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How To Build Your Own Light-Up Costume

castor troy costume from Tron Legacy

First things first, there are a number of technologies that you can use, but deciding which way you want to go will save you some trouble down the road. We believe there are 4 main types of lighting options when dealing with costuming. LED's are great, but they have an inconsistent light, and it's overbearing and bright when used without any type of diffusion. We prefer to stick with the EL's which we call short for Electroluminescence. EL Panels and EL Tape are essentially the same thing, and make a great costume. They are thin, relatively flexible and can be cut.