EL Wire

EL Wire, short for Electroluminescent Wire, is a thin flexible light up wire that has become popular in recent years due to Hollywood and the media surrounding this technology. Read more to find out what makes EL Wire special.

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Laser Wire on Hats, Skateboards, Products and POP

laser wire by Fibrance

If you haven't heard of Laser Wire by Fibrance, then you are missing out! This new technology is the best new thing in accent lighting. It's bright and even illumination makes it great for all sorts of applications. From wearables to safety, make your product stand out in the coolest way imaginable.

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The Watchdog - An EL Cable Kickstarter Opportunity

The Watchdog
el cable up close

The Watchdog is invented by a friend of ours, and we would love to see this technology grow. It's a super strong cable that also glows! We've done some demo's in our office with the product and people love it! EL Cable has similar properties to EL Wire, but without the fragile angel hair wires. It's great for architectural purposes, events, dog leashes and more. The possibilities are nearly endless. Help us in bringing this great technology to market.

For more information, visit their Kickstarter page here: http://kck.st/11feDo8

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Electric Optics Product Line Now Available Across The Country

el tape now available at Frys electronics

Ellumiglow.com recently teamed up with Fry's Electronics to bring a massive Electroluminescent product selection to your local retail Fry's store. Now if you're really in need of some glow TODAY, you can pick up down the street instead of waiting for the mailman to show up with the most awaited package of the year! With a new and revamped EDM Lights and Accessories section, you can shop from pre-made EL Tape kits, to raw EL Wire and accessories to create your own custom outfit!

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Vote On A Piece Of Space History... Now!

nasa Z-2 Suit using EL Wire
Nasa Z-2 Suit - Technology Suit using EL Tape
Nasa Z-2 Suit - Technology Suit using EL Tape
Nasa Z-2 Suit - Trends in Society Suit using EL Tape
Nasa Z-2 Suit - Trends in Society Suit using EL Tape
Nasa Z-2 Suit - Trends in Society Suit using EL Tape
Nasa Z-2 Suit - Biomimicry Suit using EL Tape and Wire
Nasa Z-2 Suit - Biomimicry Suit Front using EL Tape and Wire
Nasa Z-2 Suit - Biomimicry Suit Back using EL Tape and Wire

Space is awesome. But what's more awesome is NASA chose to take a whole new approach to space suit design. Yup, you guessed it, NASA's going clubbin'! Well, not really, but we're happy to announce NASA has decided to use Electroluminescent materials into the design of their space suits! These conceptual images show NASA's intent and you have just under 30 days to vote for your favorites. By November 2014, NASA expects to have a working prototype of our favorite suit. There are 3 suit designs that you get to vote on, drawing inspiration from our Earth and cultural background.

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How To Build Your Own Light-Up Costume

castor troy costume from Tron Legacy

First things first, there are a number of technologies that you can use, but deciding which way you want to go will save you some trouble down the road. We believe there are 4 main types of lighting options when dealing with costuming. LED's are great, but they have an inconsistent light, and it's overbearing and bright when used without any type of diffusion. We prefer to stick with the EL's which we call short for Electroluminescence. EL Panels and EL Tape are essentially the same thing, and make a great costume. They are thin, relatively flexible and can be cut.